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What is a web proxy?

A web proxy server is used for connecting the real server with a client application (eg. Facebook, Youtube). All the communication is hidden behind the proxy server and applications are communicating directly with proxy server rather than a real server improving your privacy or allowing to access GEO-restricted content.

What is the difference between web proxy and VPN?

A web proxy is usually used to mask communication only for a single application at one time (such as Proxy browser). VPN can improve the privacy by hiding communication for all applications connected to various servers and usually offers wide selection of different location and larger bandwidth.

How do I use US proxy server?

Connecting to US proxy server is easier than you think. Simply enter URL or domain of the website you wish to access and click “Go to website” button.

Is HideNow web proxy really free?

Yes, HideNow web proxy is completely free for non-commercial use. However, we might show advertising occasionally to help cover cost of our US proxy server.

Does HideNow online proxy support Facebook, Youtube or Twitter?

Yes, you can access all your favourite sites and HideNow web proxy works as a Facebook proxy or Youtube proxy as well.

What is the location of HideNow online VPN server?

HideNow proxy server is located in the United States providing you with anonymous US IP address. At this moment, we don’t offer any additional locations. If you want to choose other location beside US, we recommend downloading a full VPN services.

What’s the best free VPN?

There are many VPNs on the market and some of them are free. Read this article which compares the most popular VPN services and choose the one which fits your need.

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